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Abnormal Behavior

Abnormal psychology is perhaps one of the most recognizable and intriguing subfields of study in psychology. Part of what makes this field so intriguing is that it challenges us to ......read more


Abstract Algebra I

The study of "abstract algebra" grew out of an interest in knowing how attributes of sets of mathematical objects behave when one or more properties we associate with real numbers a......read more


Abstract Algebra II

This course is a continuation of Abstract Algebra I: we will revisit structures like groups, rings, and fields as well as mappings like homomorphisms and isomorphisms. We will also ......read more


Accounting Principles I

Though accounting may seem like a dense and complex subject, this course is designed to present the accounting cycle in an accessible and logical manner. This course will provide yo......read more


Accounting Principles II

This course is not yet developed. ...read more


Advanced Artificial Intelligence

This course will present advanced topics in Artificial Intelligence (AI). We will begin by defining the term "software agent" and discussing how software agents differ from programs......read more


Advanced Databases

While CS403: Introduction to Modern Database Systems covered many of the core concepts behind database management systems, there are many other considerations that should be address......read more


Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry is designed to give you the knowledge to explain everyday phenomena of inorganic complexes. You will study the various aspects of their physical and che......read more


Advanced Organic Chemistry

Remember that organic chemistry is the discipline that studies the properties and reactions of organic, carbon-based compounds. This course is intended to be taken after the first t......read more


Advertising and Promotion

Advertising is an integral part of our modern, media-dominated society. While many of us have a love-hate relationship with the industry, advertising can be wonderfully entertaining......read more


African Art

This course will introduce you to the art and architecture of Africa from a Western art historical perspective. This Western perspective is influenced by developments in modern Euro......read more


African Politics

If you pick up almost any newspaper looking for information about Africa, you will likely encounter stories about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Malawi, riots in Tunisia, famine in Ethiop......read more


African-American Literature

African American literature grew out of the oral tradition of storytelling and spirituals. In this course, you will consider these verbal modes and their impact on the literary prod......read more


The Age of Revolutions in the Atlantic World, 1776-1848

This course will introduce you to the history of the Age of Revolutions in the Atlantic World from 1776 to 1848. You will learn about the revolutionary upheavals that took place in ......read more


The Age of the Atlantic Slave Trade, 1500-1900

This course will introduce you to the history of the Atlantic slave trade from 1500 to 1900. You will learn about the slave trade, its causes, and its effects on Africa, Europe, and......read more

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