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Cada Dia Spanish - Daily Conversations

Quick, what does “cada día” mean? If you know, but don’t speak Spanish, this course is for you. We are a community of learners, sharing daily, practical conversations with each othe......read more


Data Privacy? Get Schooled.

Data is essential for improving outcomes for students. Whether it is informing improved instruction, empowering parents and communities, or helping policymakers make decisions and t......read more


Digital Publishing

In this course, we'll look at: some basic digital publishing terms: print-on-demand, e-ink, tablet, etc. advantages and disadvantages of e-books vs. p-books (i.e., price, ava......read more


Fairy Tales: Origins and Evolution of Princess Stories

Princess stories have been popular for centuries and remain so today around the world; we’ll dive into what these fairy tales mean, and trace the history of these narratives back to......read more


Society, Science, Survival: Lessons from AMC’s The Walking Dead

1 Review

From understanding social identities to modeling the spread of disease, this eight-week course will span key science and survival themes using AMC’s The Walking Dead as its basis. F......read more

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