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AJAX Basics

AJAX is an important front-end web technology that lets JavaScript communicate with a web server. It lets you load new content without leaving the current page, creating a better, more



Accessibility is the practice of making websites available to all people, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. more


ActiveRecord Basics

ActiveRecord is the heart of what makes Rails an amazing tool for building complex, data-driven websites. In this course, get a powerful overview of all of ActiveRecord's parts and more


Advanced Sass

Now that you know the basics of Sass, it's time to put these new skills to work in the best way possible. Learning the 'best practices' for writing Sass will gain you admiration more


Advanced Social Features in Ruby on Rails

In our previous Ruby on Rails projects, we created a simple social network called Treebook. So far we can create statuses and have friends. Now we're ready to implement the fun more


Aesthetic Foundations

Aesthetic Foundations will cover the elements and principles of art, along with color theory. This basic knowledge will provide a design language that enables more effective more


Android Data Persistence

Being able to save or persist data within our apps is an important fundamental skill. It enables our users to save their work, remember their preferences, store all types of files more


Android Data Storage with SQLite

Join us for this live Treehouse Workshop with Android teacher Ben Jakuben! Ben will be discussing the SQLite database management system for Android. Note: This material is only more


Android Tools

Using the right tools can make an Android developer's life so much easier. At Google I/O in 2013, a new Android IDE was announced named Android Studio. Currently available as a more


Attributed Strings in iOS

In this live Treehouse Workshop, Amit Bijlani demonstrates how to use the class NSAttributedString in iOS to customize the appearance of text with attributes such as font, kerning, more


Behavior-Driven Development with Cucumber

Cucumber is a Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) framework that allows you to write out specifications in plain English, allowing all stakeholders in a project to understand what's more


The Blank Slate

Join Treehouse web design teacher Nick Pettit for this live Workshop all about blank slates. The blank slate or "empty state" is when an application has no data. Not only is the more


Blank Slates in Ruby on Rails

The blank slate of an application is the "first-run" experience of an application when it has no data. Most applications looks their best when they have user data and it's more


Blend Conference 2013

Blend Conference is a 3 track conference featuring 50 diverse speakers sharing ideas and conversations about user experience, design, and web development. Note: This material is more


Brand Identity Basics

In this course, we'll take an in-depth look at the brand identity design process: from planning, strategizing and research, all the way through design and finalizing the project. more

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