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50 Accelerated Learning Machines

What is holding you back from learning faster? Is it you? Is it your technology? Is it your overall learning system? You've probably heard it before: "a bad craftsm......read more


5 Advanced Weight Training Methods

When you train HARD with all-out intensity by pushing past your limits, eat right, and get a chance to perform a breakthrough training protocol, extraordinary things can happen. Tha......read more


6 Best Career Websites To Discover Your Dream Job

Are you searching for your Dream Job or do you have a job that you would like to explore? This course will navigate you through some incredible Canadian and U.S. career website......read more


365 Breathing Zone

Breathing is the most natural and easiest way to interact with the automatic functions of our body. In this course we give all the basics to discover, understand and learn what you ......read more


10 Career Boosting Resolutions

Every year, many people explore New Year Resolutions. But I’m not here to talk about New Year Resolutions. I want to discuss changes that will boost your professional career to the......read more


9 Choices the Happiest People Make

"Michael J. Chase is one of the most authentic, genuine and caring people I have ever met. He is a fabulous presenter and gifted speaker. If there were more people like Michael aro......read more


4 Creative Breakthroughs

In just one hour, this course is going to help you overcome 4 major creativity issues artists of every creative field struggle with on daily basis. If you are a creative with 3......read more


30 Day Bodyweight Fat Loss Challenge - Lose Up-To 20lbs!

The 30 Day Fat Furnace is a proven bodyweight workout challenge where you workout 3-5 times a week for only 20 minutes per day to accelerate fat loss & fitness. If you are betw......read more


21 Day Crash Course in Emotional Intelligence

Do you wish you had better relationships? Do you struggle to know what to do when conflict arises? Do you find yourself putting your foot in your mouth more than you care to admi......read more


12 Day Detox - Total Transformation

Are you looking for a detox program that isn't a fad diet, crazy pills, or starvation? If you are looking for a whole food, clean eating program that supports your health as well a......read more


30 Day Fitness Challenge | Workouts with Celebrity Trainer

This 30 Day Fitness Challenge WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle IN AS LITTLE AS 10 MINUTES A DAY. Mike Karpenko's 30 Day Fitness Challenge is perfect for ......read more


14 Day Hatha Yoga for Detox and Weight Loss

This authentic 14-day course features major aspects of Hatha Yoga to detox and weight loss. Each day you will practice a unique combination of "Yoga Circuit" videos that will keep ......read more


30 Day Journey To Emotional Health

On a journey, it’s important to know where you are going. Our objective is to become emotionally healthy in the next 30 days. It sounds like a tall order; however, in my experience......read more


30 Day Journey to Spiritual Health

Welcome to the 30 Day Journey to Spiritual Health. I pray that you will experience massive spiritual breakthroughs. Each step of progress will be based on God’s amazing gra......read more


10 Day Meditation Challenge

Join the 10 Day Meditation Challenge! Improve your sleep, energy and mood Increase your focus, memory and concentration Reduce your stress and anxiety Discover the joy of......read more

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