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A Beginner's Guide to Writing in English for University Study

If you’re interested in studying at university or college in an English-speaking country, you’ll need to learn how to write using academic English. Academic writing can be very more


11.520 A Workshop on Geographic Information Systems (MIT)

This class uses lab exercises and a workshop setting to help students develop a solid understanding of the planning and public management uses of geographic information systems (GIS) more


11.308J Advanced Seminar: Urban Nature and City Design (MIT)

This course will explore the mutual influences of ideas of nature, theories of city design and planning, and practices of urban design, construction, and management. We will more


24.952 Advanced Syntax (MIT)

This course is a continuation of 24.951. This semester the course topics of interest include movement, phrase structure, and the architecture of the more


11.434J Advanced Topics in Real Estate Finance (MIT)

This half-semester course introduces and surveys a selection of cutting-edge topics in the field of real estate finance and investments. The course follows an informal "seminar" more


11.902 Advanced Urban Public Finance: Collective Action and Provisions of Local Public Goods (MIT)

In analyzing fiscal issues, conventional public finance approaches focus mainly on taxation and public spending. Policymakers and practitioners rarely explore solutions by examining more


11.229 Advanced Writing Seminar (MIT)

The purpose of this seminar is to expose the student to a number of different types of writing that one may encounter in a professional career. The class is an opportunity to write, more


17.420 Advances in International Relations Theory (MIT)

This course offers a critical analysis of contending theories of international relations. Focus is on alternative theoretical assumptions, different analytical structures, and a more


5 Amazing Psychology Experiments

UPDATE (6/16/2015): In just a few short weeks, more than 1,000 people have enrolled in this course and have begun learning about psychology. To mark this great milestone, I've more


17.40 American Foreign Policy: Past, Present, Future (MIT)

This course covers the history of American foreign policy since 1914, current policy questions, and the future of U.S. Policy. We focus on policy evaluation. What consequences did more


17.471 American National Security Policy (MIT)

This course examines the problems and issues confronting American national security policymakers and the many factors that influence the policies that emerge. But this is not a more


17.037 American Political Thought (MIT)

This course surveys American political thought from the colonial era to the present. Required readings are drawn mainly from primary sources, including writings of politicians, more


11.235 Analyzing Projects and Organizations (MIT)

This course teaches students how to understand the rationality behind how organizations and their programs behave, and to be comfortable and analytical with a live organization. It more


24.200 Ancient Philosophy (MIT)

This course will acquaint the student with some of the ancient Greek contributions to the Western philosophical and scientific tradition. We will examine a broad range of central more


24.953 Argument Structure and Syntax (MIT)

This course is a detailed investigation of the major issues and problems in the study of lexical argument structure and how it determines syntactic structure. Its empirical scope more

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