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Did you grow up in a world without red ribbons, AZT, the AIDS Memorial Quilt, or Project Red? If you did, chances are good that you came of age before 1981 and are a more


AIDS: Fear and Hope

This course is multidisciplinary, drawing on knowledge from the natural and social sciences, the humanities, the arts, and various professions including medicine and social work. more


Abortion: Quality Care and Public Health Implications

Abortion is a common experience for reproductive-aged women around the world. In the US, half of all pregnancies are unintended and half of these end in abortion. (Finer 2013) more


Active dendrites: adaptation to spike-based communication

Computational analyses of dendritic computations often assume stationary inputs to neurons, ignoring the pulsatile nature of spike-based communication between neurons and the more


Active learning of neural response functions with Gaussian processes

A sizable literature has focused on the problem of estimating a low-dimensional feature space capturing a neuron's stimulus sensitivity. However, comparatively little work has more


The Addicted Brain

The Addicted Brain from Emory University. This is a course about addiction to drugs and other behaviors. It will describe what happens in the brain and how this information helps us more


Advanced Health Informatics 

This course is offered through Kaplan University as a single course. KU single courses are for-credit college courses that may be taken independently of the degree or certificate more


Ageing Well: Falls

Every day in the UK, almost 10,000 people aged over 65 will fall down. The personal costs are staggering, with falls resulting in injury, broken bones, fear of falling and social more


Alcohol, Drugs, and Baby Boomers: Are you ready?

ENROLLMENT OPTIONS Those interested in participating in this course have three options: Free Enrollment: Click "Sign Up" to enroll in course for FREE and earn a statement of more


The American Disease: Drugs and Drug Control in the USA

This online course introduces the history and practice of drug policy. Students will learn about drug laws and their origins, and the complex task of drug policy analysis. The more


Anatomically Constrained Decoding of Finger Flexion from Electrocorticographic Signals

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) use brain signals to convey a user's intent. Some BCI approaches begin by decoding kinematic parameters of movements from brain signals, and then more


Animal Models of Cancer

Jacqueline Lees holds the lowly mouse in high regard. It is “beautifully developed” as a model system for cancer. Lees says that while researchers can learn much from cells in a more


Antimicrobial Stewardship: Managing Antibiotic Resistance

The World Health Organisation when reporting on the escalating threat of antimicrobial resistance [AMR] warned that without urgent action we're heading for an era in which common more


Antimicrobial Stewardship: Optimization of Antibiotic Practices

This self-paced course will offer a practical approach to prescribing antibiotic therapy and development of antimicrobial stewardship across all specialties and settings. more


Bacteria and Chronic Infections

The course takes its starting point in introducing bacteria and the microbiology of infections. Through lectures, readings, quizzes and discussions, you will be introduced to the more

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