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A Brief Guide to Everything

About the Course The standard model of particle physics is lauded as the most successful scientific theory ever. But from dark energy to antimatter, cosmological inflation to the more


End of Equality

About the Course The world has been transformed by neoliberalism. Many liberal thinkers now believe that from the workplace to the home, society is converging on equality. In this more


The History of Fear

About the Course From terror attacks to paedophilia, our era is in thrall to fear. Throughout history, the fears of a society have defined the people who live in it. In this course, more


The Infinite Quest

About the Course Infinity has inspired wonder and terror throughout the history of mathematics. As the cutting edge of cosmology grapples with the question of whether the infinite more


The Meaning of Life

About the Course The meaning of life is a mystery that remains elusive. Whether we place our faith in scientific progress, the afterlife, family or personal well-being, we struggle more


Minds, Morality and Agency

About the Course What are humans doing when we act morally? Can animals act morally? In this course, Professor Mark Rowlands draws on his unique experience of a decade spent living more


New Adventures in Spacetime

About the Course With his first paper on special relativity, Albert Einstein demonstrated that our intuitions have no place in the study of spacetime. But even today we have not more


Nine Myths About Schizophrenia

About the Course Despite investment in research and treatment, the outcomes of patients diagnosed with the most severe psychiatric disorders have not improved since the Victorian more


Physics: What We Still Don't Know

About the Course From the discovery of the Higgs Boson to the map of the early universe, today's physicists have pushed the boundaries of our knowledge further than we thought more


Rethinking Feminism

About the Course Why is there an epidemic of violence against women? Are men to blame? Where is the recent resurgence of activism going and where should we steer it? In this course, more


Science vs. Religion

About the Course How did consciousness arise? Is the universe rational? Is there a meaning to life? Once these questions were the domain of the sacred, but in the modern world, more

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