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Alcohol, Drugs, and Baby Boomers: Are you ready?

ENROLLMENT OPTIONS Those interested in participating in this course have three options: Free Enrollment: Click "Sign Up" to enroll in course for FREE and earn a statement of more


Algorithms for DNA Sequencing

DNA sequencing is now a ubiquitous tool in life science. You can observe this trend just by reading the news. This course examines the computational problems that come with this more


Bioconductor for Genomic Data Science

This class will provide an introduction to the Bioconductor project ( The class will cover how to install and use Bioconductor software. We will discuss more


Bioinformatics: Life Sciences on Your Computer

The DNA sequencing revolution has exploded and new, inexpensive technologies have led to sequences being determined faster than they can be analyzed. Bioinformatics brings together more


The Brain-Targeted Teaching® Model for 21st Century Schools

New findings from the neuro- and cognitive sciences have the potential to inform classroom instruction and influence educational practices for children at all developmental levels. more


Care of Elders with Alzheimer's Disease and other Major Neurocognitive Disorders

ENROLLMENT OPTIONS Those interested in participating in this course have three options: Free Enrollment: Click “Sign Up” to enroll in course for FREE and earn a statement of more


Case-Based Introduction to Biostatistics

The course objective is to enable each student to enhance his or her quantitative scientific reasoning about problems related to human health. Biostatistics is about quantitative more


Chemicals and Health

Chemicals make up every part of us! Some chemicals are vital to our health, while others may be harmful. This course focuses on the potentially harmful effects of some of the many more


Command Line Tools for Genomic Data Science

This class will cover an introduction to command line tools for managing genomic data. It will start with basic Unix commands for managing files and directories, followed by a more


Community Change in Public Health

In bringing about behavior change in public health, we often focus on the individual mother, student, or farmer. We should not forget the community structure and norms constrain more


Computing for Data Analysis

4 Reviews

In this course you will learn how to program in R and how to use R for effective data analysis. You will learn how to install and configure software necessary for a statistical more


Confronting Gender Based Violence: Global Lessons with Case Studies from India

This course is planned to be the first of several focusing on gender based violence. We will provide a core curriculum and then, given the wide variability in local circumstances more


Data Analysis

You have probably heard that this is the era of “Big Data”. Stories about companies or scientists using data to recommend movies, discover who is pregnant based on credit card more


The Data Scientist's Toolbox

In this course you will get an introduction to the main tools and ideas in the data scientist's toolbox. The course gives an overview of the data, questions, and tools that data more


Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are experiments designed to evaluate new interventions to prevent or treat disease in humans. The interventions evaluated can be drugs, devices (e.g., hearing aid), more

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