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Discover Dentistry

How important is a smile? Ever wondered what all those letters and numbers a dentist calls out during your check-up mean? How are broken teeth fixed, or how dentures are made? Join more


Exploring Play: The Importance of Play in Everyday Life

Play your part… Play the fool… All work and no play… Child's play… Fair play… Play a joke… Play with fire… Play can seem to be a spontaneous and natural part of life, more


How to Succeed at: Interviews

This course will help you to succeed at interviews, whether you are applying for jobs or planning to study. Because being offered an interview can be quite daunting, we've put more


How to Succeed at: Writing Applications

This course will help you to write successful applications, whether you are applying for jobs or planning to study at university or college. Over the three weeks, we'll look at more


How to Write Your First Song

Ever wanted to write a song, but not known how? This free online course will give you the practical and theoretical understanding you need to create a finished song of your own. more


Literature of the English Country House

On this course, we'll be introducing you to literature from 450 years of English country-house history and we'll be seeing together how that literature shapes our understanding of more


Measuring and Valuing Health

Healthcare systems around the world are increasingly under pressure to fund drugs, treatments and other healthcare interventions. No-one has the money or resources to provide them more

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