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Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game

Exciting news: From February 2015 we will be using Google's Android Studio as the platform for programming Programming is everywhere: in dishwashers, cars and even space more


Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game

Learn basic Java programming by developing a simple mobile game that you can run on your computer, Android phone, or tablet. ABOUT THE COURSE Programming is everywhere: in more


Begin Robotics

Robots today are roving Mars, collecting data in dangerous environments, hoovering our floors, lifting patients in hospital, building cars and entertaining us in films. And, if you more


Heart Health: a Beginner's Guide to Cardiovascular Disease

Your heart beats around 100,000 times a day, pumping blood around your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients, while taking away waste products. When your heart is unhealthy, it more


Managing People: Engaging Your Workforce

In this ten-week course you will learn how to get the most out of people in the workplace. Aimed at people who have, or are about to have, managerial responsibility in any type of more


Obesity: Causes and Consequences

Obesity is changing the world we live in. Across a wide range of sectors - from the food industry to clothing design - we see the impact of the world's growing waistline. Perhaps more


Our Changing Climate: Past, Present and Future

Find out more about the climate of the past and how climate change can present a number of risks and opportunities. ABOUT THE COURSE Since early humans first moved out of more


Our Hungry Planet: Agriculture, People and Food Security

Food security is a complex, global issue, in which we all play a part. In this free online course, you'll join experts from the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development at the more

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