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Archaeology of Portus: Exploring the Lost Harbour of Ancient Rome

The Roman harbour city of Portus lay at the heart of an empire that extended from Scotland to Iraq. Established by Claudius and enlarged by the emperor Trajan with spoils of the more


Contract Management: Building Relationships in Business

Contracts are fundamental to all business activities and relationships are fundamental to all contracts. This free online course will help you understand contract management more


Developing Your Research Project

Curiosity is one of humanity's most important characteristics. It has enabled us to make the unknown known, to break barriers and to shine a light on all aspects of life, from our more


Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights

This short course introduces you to exciting new concepts and applications of digital marketing. It takes an informal "story telling" approach, encouraging you to share your own more


Exploring Our Oceans

The first astronauts to leave the Earth's orbit saw our "blue planet" for the first time. But what lies in the half of our world covered by water more than two miles deep? How are more


Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds: Maritime Archaeology

People have explored and depended on the oceans of our planet for millennia. During that time the geography of our world has changed radically as coastal regions have flooded and more


Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching

An introduction to some key concepts in the effective teaching and learning of languages. ABOUT THE COURSE The ability to produce language is a defining characteristic of more


Web Science: How the Web is Changing the World

You may be an avid user of the Web but this introductory course in Web Science will help you to understand the Web as a both social system and a technical system: a global more


Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo was one of the key events of nineteenth-century history, but why was it fought, who was involved and what were consequences? This free online course will more

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