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1,2,3, .. infinity. Mathematical Induction

Explain the Method of Mathematical Induction. Francesco Maurolico, Pascal and John Wallis. Applying the method of Induction to prove the sum of odd numbers is a more


8. AIspace: Tools for Learning Artificial Intelligence

This video summarizes our work on a set of interactive algorithm visualization tools for teaching and learning AI. The tools cover many of the topics that would be in an intro AI more


3. Bio-inspired Flying Robots

In this video we present bio-inspiration as the main drive for the design of platforms, autonomous navigation strategies and aerial swarming for flying robots. ** (Winner, Best Video)** more


17. Bodies In Motion: Dynamic Motion Capture

We explore the use of full-body 3D physical simulation for human kinematic tracking from monocular and multi-view video sequences within the Bayesian filtering framework. Towards more


36. CBR Noir

CBR Noir is a high-level, tongue-in-cheek introduction to Case-Based Reasoning (CBR). It is presented in the style of a classic Film Noir murder mystery. For the connoisseur, the more


39. Casey's Quest: Transfer Learning for Adversarial Environments

A dramatization of Transfer Learning research through the journey of an 8-bit football player. Based on research conducted by David Aha, Matthew Molineaux, and Gita Sukthankar for more


16. CogSketch: Open-Domain Sketch Understanding for Research and Education

This video describes CogSketch, a sketch understanding system being developed for research and educational purposes. CogSketch automatically generates symbolic representations of more


11. Copycat Hand for All

"Copycat Hand for All" is a robot system that imitates the human motions, by visually estimating the human hand and arm postures at a high speed and with high accuracy. The system more


2. Digital Analysis of Van Gogh Paintings

Computer processing of digital images of artwork is an emerging and rapidly growing cross-disciplinary activity. The video presents a prototype of a system that can assist art more


1. Galactic Arms Race (GAR): Automatic Content Generation In a Multiplayer Online Video Game

This video showcases a new AI algorithm called cgNEAT that automatically generates content in video games. To demonstrate this new technique, we created a near-commercial-quality more


15. How to Cook as Perfect Love Story

This movie is about the Taaable project ([[]]), a Web-based CBR Cooking system (also a participant to the Computer Cooking Contest). The movie illustrates on a real more


30. Imitating a RoboCup Soccer Player Using Case-Based Reasoning

This video shows how case-based reasoning can be used to imitate a RoboCup soccer agent. We describe how the imitating agent learns through observation and how it imitates. Also, more


22. Konabot

Konabot is the first Explosives Robot created entirely in Argentina. The project was developed by researchers of the Department of Computation (Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y more


24. News at Seven: The Future of the Future

This video summarizes News at Seven, an automated news system. The system is able to find relevant text, process that text, and supplement it with images, video, and blogger more


2004 Nobel Colloquium

There’s no magic formula for winning the Nobel Prize. But you can’t find a more classic model than the career of Frank Wilczek, Feshbach Professor of Physics and 2004 Nobel more

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